I am so tired of looking for these AMP UP connectors for my Sega Astro City control panel. I finally found a good USA resource for them. Here are the part numbers for the connectors used in the control panel.

Use this site to search for part numbers

11125 S. Eastern Ave. Ste 120
Henderson, NV 89052 USA

Speaker male: 4 Pin
Part Number: 176273-1 (Order)

Speaker female:
Part Number: 176294-1 (Order)

Player 1 male: 12 Pin
Part Number: 176278-1 (Order)

Player 1 female: 
Part Number: 176299-1 (Order)

Optional / Kick Harness male: 10 Pin
Part Number: 176277-1 (Order)

Optional / Kick Harness female: 
Part Number: 176298-1 (Order)

Ground male: 2 Pin
Part Number:  176271-1 (Order)

Ground female:
Part Number: 176292-1 (Order)

Male Pins:
Part Number: 175152-1 (Order) (Digikey)

Female Pins:
Part Number: 175150-1 (Order) (Digikey)