PlayStation VR

Travel with the PS4

Recently I had the need to travel with my PS4 Pro and my PSVR and wanted a secure way to pack it for transport. I Googled around and found a lot of Pelican cases but they were A) expensive a B) bulky and added a lot of unnecessary weight. I came across the Hard EVA Travel Case on Amazon. This looked like it would suite my needs as its not really a “hard” case like as  in plastic but it is a hard but pliable shell. It reminded me of the same hard material the car CD wallets were made from. Can it be dropped from 10 feet, I wouldn’t test it, but will it protect it in travel.. yeah. I was actually able to fit the following in this case with no strain:

  • Playstation 4 Pro, HDMI & power cable
  • PSVR Headset + cables
  • PSVR Processor unit & Power supply
  • 2 DS4 controllers
  • PlayStation Camera
  • A few games (Most of my PSVR games are digital since I hate taking off the headset to swap discs)
  • 2 Playstation Move controllers

It all zips up comfortably and is ready to be stowed in the car. This case will work with many other consoles as I use it for my original Xbox One and it fit perfectly.

I would definitely recommend this case for people that travel with their PS4 and/or other consoles.

PlayStation 4 Pro & PSVR

I had the opportunity to pick up the PS4 Pro and the PSVR this week. Here are my thoughts.

PlayStation 4 Pro:

I had a PS4 and I do not have a 4K TV, so why the hell did I do this? I am seeing more and more releases that will support the Pro performance boost especially with the PSVR games. I did not want to get in a position where I get subpar results with newer games & SPVR games and decided to take the plunge. I was not 100% sure on how big a difference I would see on my 1080p gaming TV with the PS4 Pro, but it ended up being a lot more that I thought. 4K upscaling/output is just one piece of the puzzle, the extra processing for texture enhancements and better/stable frame rates on supported games is a great enhancement and noticeable. This by no means feels like a “new” console release. Its more like a how Apple iPhones feel between releases. Its not a new platform but more of a updated, faster and new feature set platform.

I booted up my original launch PS4 and deleted all the disc based games I had and did the backup process using a ethernet cable between the old PS4 (I hate calling it that) and the PS4 Pro. With in 40 minutes I was up and running with my profile and digital games all running fine.

PlayStation VR:

Right off the bat, this thing was package like an Apple product. It seems like it was packed with such care and felt like a “premium” product. The instructions were very well written and easy to follow. I was up and running with in 20 minutes or so. The was an update for the PS4 and also for the PSVR (The hardware does get updates that are different from the OS updates) that needed to download and install. 2 reboots later I had the VR demo disc downloading.

I am not going to go in to it to much in this post but, I was really taken back by the immersion and quality of the VR experience. There are so many mixed reviews of it on the net and I think I figured out why so many don’t give it the praise it deserves. Many of the people online that have been very vocal about the quality of the PSVR have also played with the Vive & Rift on really powerful PCs. I do not feel like the PSVR is a direct competitor of these other VR devices since a PS4/PS4 Pro do not have the same hours power and GPUs that a nice gaming PC rig would have. Since the PSVR is the only VR device I have ever tried, its the only thing I know, from what I have seen/felt with the PSVR is not short from amazing. It really is amazing we are now able to have a consumer friendly VR device that can be used in the comfort of our home.

Rambling.. If you have not tired it yet, DO IT! Its a blast. I will be adding some posts on various VR games I like playing.