I was first looking into Everdrive flash carts but the price of the things really blur my vision. I decided to look at some clones and knock offs first. I saw on Amazon a company selling a ED64Plus which is a clone of the older Everdrive-64. There was a version of this ED64 that had a pass-through port on the top to piggyback a N64 cartridge. This was to use to get around the CIC chip by using the CIC chip from the original N64 cart you piggybacked. These newer version without the pass-through can play N64 ROMs straight from the SD card and does not need an external CIC IC.

There is a really great write up on the older version over at NESWORLD.

On with the pics:

Here is the package


Front of the cart


Gut shot 1


Gut shot 2


Back of cart


Menu system with custom background and games added. Everything is looking good.



Overall I am very happy with it and glad I went this route for the N64. We will see what the long term use is like but as for now, its a winner.