I have been so busy with other hobbies that my retro/current gen consoles have taken a back seat. I really wanted to get a good inventory of my collection as of today and start thinning down my doubles/triples of some things. This week I have started pulling out all my modded consoles and did any needed updates on the software etc. Here is a quick list of what I have been working on:

Nintendo Wii – This has not been powered on for about 2 years. I decided to update the softmod to the latest. I started by updating to 4.3U, BootMii and Homebrew Channel. I installed a 64gb SD and configured the newest version of WiiFlow.

Sony Playstation 2 – This is a softmoded PS2 and needs a bit of updating. Looks like Free McBoot was updated this month (Free MC Boot v1.95). Updated and tested with Open PS2 Loader v0.9.3 and had no issues. I used a IDE to SATA converter and installed a 1TB HDD. I moved all my ISO’s from my old 250GB to the 1TB.

Sony Playstation 3 – Installed CFW 4.78 and Multiman 4.78 and ran a few tests without issues. I upgraded the external 2TB HDD to a 4TB HDD and added a bunch more games.