Found this gem over at the Sabnzbd forums and did not want to lose it.

This will pause your SABNzbd server if your PS3 console is online. Sometimes you need all the bandwidth you can get for multiplayer.

# Script to pause SABnzbd+ when PS3 active

# Retrieve variable from config file
script_paused=`cat PS3`

# Test if PS3 is online using ping (my PS3 uses static IP with a hostname of PS3, you may need to change this)
if ping -c 1 PS3
echo "Pausing..."
# Send the pause command to SABnzbd+
curl http://localhost:8085/api\?mode\=pause\&apikey\=
# Modify config file to show queue was paused by this script
echo "yes" > PS3
# If PS3 not running, and the queue was not paused by this script, do nothing
if test $script_paused = no; then
echo "Leaving alone..."
# If PS3 is not running, and queue was paused by this script, resume downloading
echo "Resuming..."
curl http://localhost:8085/api\?mode\=resume\&apikey\=
# Change config file to show the queue is no longer paused
echo "no" > PS3