Just gathering some information for the 2 Xbox’s I want to RGH. My newer slim model will be setup with a duel NAND so I can still boot it to a retail NAND to play on live. My other older fat Xbox will be for my arcade cabinet. I am going to strip it down to just the metal basket so I can mount it to the back board to slide it into the arcade cabinet.

Xbox 360 Slim

  • MFR Date: 2010-09-20
  • Power: 10.83A
  • Current Dashboard: 2.0.15574.0

I went ahead and ordered a few items so I can get started on these boxes.

  • Xecuter Nand-X RGH Edition
  • Xecuter DemoN
  • A couple Xecuter CoolRunner – New Rev C Version
  • X8 X-Tool (X-8) XBox 360 SLIM opening tool – I hate breaking the tabs on the cases.

Now the waiting game.