I had a few spare Sega Dreamcasts around and decided it would be a good system to stick in my Sega Astro City due to the tate (vertical) games.


  • 1 Sega Dreamcast
  • 2 Sega Dreamcast controllers
  • 1 JAMMA Fingerboard
  • 1 Sega Dreamcast to VGA adapter

I kind of lucked out since the VGA adapter I have is compatible to an easy hack to make it output 15khz for my M9 arcade monitor.

Here is the link for the Dreamcast VGA Adapter mod.

I was only going to use this VGA adapter for the Astro City so I decided not to install a switch to go back to 31khz. I just cut pin 6 (blue wire on my adapter) so it forces 16khz. You could just add a switch inline with pin 6 and then you can switch between 16khz and 31khz. This is handy if you want to use the adapter on a LCD TV also, which I do not recommend since the Sega Dreamcast does not look that great on a LCD.

To start this project off I call on a friend, Adam, to help out with the cabinet and to kill some beer. he was successful with both tasks. We wanted to do a quick “proof of concept” and just get the video working to see how it looked.

  • I took the Dreamcast VGA converted and cut pin 6.
  • Took a VGA ¬†cable and cut one end off so I can soldier it to the JAMMA fingerboard.

More to come…