Game Boy Advance SP Case Replacment

I had a back-lit (AGS-101) Game Boy Advance SP that had a broken hinge for a year or so. I picked it up cheap on eBay with the intent on fixing it. I came across a vendor on Amazon that was selling full shell replacements for the SP and jumped on it. I always liked the black SP but the back-lit models did not come in this color. It was a perfect opportunity to accomplish this with a new shell.

As you can tell from the photos below, this thing was in bad shape and needed some TLC.




After about an hour or so I ended up with a working black back-lit SP.


I ended up not using the screen protector that came with the Amazon one since the original actually looked fantastic after a good cleaning. I also changed most of the triwing screws to standard screws.

SuperCard Mini SD


This is a Slot 2/GBS formfactor flashcart for GBA/DS games. This uses the “not so common” MiniSD card. It actually comes with a MicroSD to MiniSD converter which helps. This also has a internal battery for SRAM saves.

What systems does it work on?
Game Boy Advance
Game Boy Advance SP
Game Boy Micro
DS Lite

MiniSD Card Info
Supports only FAT/FAT16
2GB Max Size


Battery replacement list

Nintendo 64 Cart Memory Battery:

Nintendo Game Boy Advance Cart Battery:

Nintendo Game Boy Cart Battery:

Nintendo Game Boy Color Cart Battery:

Nintendo SNES Cart Memory Battery:

Nintendo NES Cart Memory Battery:

Nintendo Game Cube Memory Battery:

Sega Saturn:

Sega Dreamcast:
2032 or LR2030 (NOT a CR2032 as it is not rechargeable)

Sega Dreamcast VMU:
CR2038 (Takes two of them)

SEGA CD Model 2 RAM Battery:


I will add more as I think of them.

Turbo EverDrive

Growing up, I never had a TG-16 but I had a buddy that did. It has some titles that get over looked quite often. I loved playing Military Madness back in the day and the Bonk games are really not that bad. I came to the conclusion that I really like playing these games on an actual system and not emulated. Looks like Everdrive to the rescue. I picked up the Turbo Everdrive and tossed a microSD in there and started playing. This card is built like a tank and fits in to my TG-16 perfectly.






Playstation Vita VPK Notes

How to install the UPDATES:

1. Install game vpk
2. Copy update zip contents to the game folder
3. Make a GameTitleIDfolder in ux0:Patch/ folder in vitashell (ex: ux0:Patch/PCSE00000)
4. Copy the update zip contents to the new folder you just created in ux0:Patch/
5. Start the game, now it should not say to update your game and should detect the latest version.

How to install the DLC:

Copy the ADDCONT_PLAIN folder into root of ux0 for each item you want! e.g ux0:/addcont_plain/PCSE00000/*


0XFFFFFF means low storage.

Sega Saturn ODE (Phoebe) 

I have dreamed over the thought to have a HDD in a Sega Saturn. I had no idea an ODE (optical drive emulator) existed for the Saturn and Dreamcast. I then of course went on a mission to buyone. I soon found out that the guy that makes these does them in batches and they sell QUICKLY.

I went to his site on a Thursday and found a post that he was going to open up the preorders during the weekend. I checked the website like crazy on Saturday but nothing. Then Sunday morning at around 4:30am PST they went up on sale. It lasted 3 hours and they were gone. I heard the Dreamcast ODE sell even quicker.

The Phoebe is very well made and was dead simple to install.

I removed my mod chip I had installed since it was no longer needed and followed the easy install docs for my model.


All US Sega Saturn games can fit on a 128GB SD with about 25mb free 🙂



NEC TurboExpress repair

I bought this 6 or 7 years ago knowing that it was broken, thinking i can fix it at some point. I know these things are a bit hart to find so I figured a broken one is better than not having one.

After unwrapping it I did notice that the shell is in really good shape, that’s a plus. But, I noticed a yellow wire sticking out from the bottom of the shell.

Once opened I seen a few problems. First off the power wires from the battery tray are taped together. Looks like a pretty bad hack job. Then I noticed the yellow wires are soldered (not very well) to some pins on the PCB where the LCD ribbon cable connector was. It must have broke/ripped off and someone tried to do a hack job. I noticed that the LCD ribbon cable is also cut.

After I removed the PCB from the shell I noticed there was a capacitor that was wired off board in what looks like to be one of the capacitors in the audio path. It must have had audio problems and was “repaired”.

What have I done so far:

I desoldered the yellow wires and noticed there was 2 pads that the LCD header was. I bet the 2 pads were lifted when it broke off. So now I need to do some simple continuity test to see if I can pick up the traces from somewhere else.

New Gaming setup

I don’t have much room for all my hobbies and I am always looking for ways to condense things. I recently got a new TV from work as a “you have been here a long time pick a gift”. I really wanted something I could put on the wall in my office/music room/gaming room to keep the clutter down. I am really happy with the setup.

I picked up the wall mount from Amazon. I really wanted something I could pull away from the wall to match up with my computer monitors.

The TV is a Sony KDL48R510C 48″ Its not the latest/greatest but 1) it was free and 2) I am sitting so close to it that I would really not need anything bigger for such a small room.

Only having 2 HDMI inputs I decided to get a auto switcher from Amazon and it works great. It detects when one of my newer consoles wake up and will switch to that video input.


Sony 48″ KDL48R510C
VonHaus Double Arm Articulating Cantilever TV Bracket
VAlinks Mini 3-Port Intelligent 4K HDMI Switch Box
Dell UltraSharp U2414H 23.8″ LED LCD Monitor

Game Boy Macro (DS Lite to GBA)

Ever since I came across Anthony Thomas’ tutorial on making a Game Boy Macro I wanted one. I had a DS Lite that had a broken hinge and a scratch on the top screen. This made it a perfect candidate for the Macro treatment.

Took this beast apart


I used a 1/4 watt resistor instead of a smaller SMD or 1/8 watt cause I can. It actually fits fine and does not hinder the unit from being put back together.


Quick little test and it all seems good. Time to start working on the enclosure.


Whats next to do?

I need to sand and fill a few areas with bondo before I shoot it with some paint. Really looking forward to finishing this project.